Plate-colored autumn

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Plate-colored autumn

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Plate-colored autumn
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Autumn Leaves

Everyone loves spring and I'm passionate about concepts in the fall

I like Acquasfrar and redness of color Awargaha
Look at the leaves I remember my papers which fall
On the ground, the paper after the other
Look for my pen and hugged him and I cried tears that almost Ngrgueny
Whispers laws sweeping all my heart
Whispered voice tired and wounded in the battle of life stab repressed
Accompanied me quietly for a few moments and deliver a safety and go
And back to me the noise of the painful life
Collect papers and come back and like every time I would not collected
Gossip frivolous accompany my ears Is it illusion or reality
Yes, it's a fact, but painful
Delirium affects messed up the pen and he will come from my papers and incubating
And buried his head between the folds of my pages
Strange and bitter feeling
Breezes caressed the air roses Vtfouh including perfume smells
But when caressed my papers
Falling and falling on the ground
Did unforgiving ground twice papers
Vtaathishm my ribs and became unable to stand up again
I keep hugged the ground

But the conditions of life did not merciless weakness papers
As the days pass
Become my papers down the drain
Body parts strewn on Altaraqat
But no one sees
Oscillating pain
Under the steps of passers-by
After all this ?????????????
Over time,
Bury under the soil
I did not find one to add to my grave Rose
This I am chips fall
And ends
Painful end
To know not only
From hit his heart whine
I am under the soil
I see a child being struck Life bored
Crying on a remote seat under the trees
Gathered papers shall fall and accepted
Heart wrenching ...............
And I'm trying to shout the highest voice
Maybe you see the hands of the dirt under it refers
But they leave with the sunset
And leave me alone hugged the ground between the Agricultural
Accept and dust and bones Atosd autumn leaves
Which preceded me and hit the yard and disappeared under the soil
This is the autumn leaves
black new
black new

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